Drawing for fun, not for work

Everyone drew when they’re bored, sitting on a meeting, surrounded by idiots, for me drawing is more like having fun, finding a way to express myself to the audiences. There’s a joke about a group of Chinese traveled to Germany, and they wanted a cup of milk, they dunno how to draw it so they drew a cow and asked around. They ended up being in a farm with lots of cows and still no milk. Of course this is a silly little story because im sure they can simply draw a milk bottle instead of a complicated cow, but here’s my point.

I find drawing very fascinating, everytime I draw, regardless the outcome I always will enjoy the process. This is a unique activity of my brain, nerves and hands, in different time there’ll be specific drawing come out from me. Sometimes i draw stupid things to make myself happy, sometimes I’d like to practise fashion illustration, sometimes i just held my pen then staring at the plain white paper and doing nothing. All in all, drawing is for fun.

I’m not a professional painter, not even close, I learned how to use watercolour for fashion illustration properly for just several monthes. But i loved drawing from the minute i can hold pens. What I’m going to show is some watercolour illustration inspired from the existing master pieces during fashion show last year. I used about 1.5 hours for these two drawings as a experiment of the new paints that I’ve got in the art shop.

Tools I’m using: Da Vinci pure kolinsky travel brushes, Schmincke watercolour and Canson papers.


I shouldn’t use the thick black line throughout the first drawing, it makes the face look really rough and not delicate enough, so then i improved the technique on the right ones, tried use some thick AND thin lines together. Practicing is also a way for learning, finding a proper skills that suits myself, that’s why I love having a bit of reviewing of my own paintings after its finished, so that I can see the weak point, and hopefully to improve it for the coming practicings.

Details 1 Detail 2



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Kabuki is known as a Japanese legendary traditional Opera in the world. The actors in Kabuki are all males. Funny things is, Kabuki was originate from a beautiful woman who dedicate herself into charity of building god tampus. The proformers are called  かぶき者, they’re devided into so many different parts, and I’m not going to explain it here cuz I dont really know how to translate their names into English, might as well let yourself discover it .

It’s such a shame that there’re less and less people now like to spend their entire life in this wonderful performance, it requires a lot of effort. Like the Chinese Opera, kids needs to learn how to proform since they’re 4 years old, they got beaten all the time for not acting properly and they need to memorize all those ancient chinese Lyrics specifically in a very short time.

Art is art, it will last forever, but it also needs people to care and to know about it’s beauty. If you travel to China or Japan, remember to pay attention to those wonderful art stories that last for thousands of years.


Project progressing – white

After a few test on colour combinition, the fashion weeks starting to kicking in, it certainly affected me a lot by giving me a vision that “white” is going to be a big trend next season.

Collecting existing pieces of “pure white”, investigate the material and fabric that those designers used, at the same time, I tried to linked every information with the project “plane”.

25 26 27 28 IMG_1724 IMG_1727 IMG_1728 IMG_1729


Fashion portfolio – light effect

In these pages, I’m trying to find a way to express my target group.

The light effect is very inspiring, lots of designers have used it in their collection, mostly in digital printing. In the shop, I saw this amazing black shiny fabric, it has different reflection to light, so I put it inside my sketchbook, as many of the solutions for the final project.

During this stage, I’m still not starting to really “design” anything, so researches about different fabric, is a way to break through the ice.

21 22 23 24

Atelier Versace | Spring 2014


Portfolio display – colour

My design was tend to be colour trend driven. So I selected some of the most important pages from my design sketchbook and fashion portfolio to show how it appears to be what it looks like now.

Design sketchbooks:

Inspired by geometric and plane’s different shapes. added colour fashion pictures and art piece as support evidence, mood board and design page. Pictures was found on the internet and printed out with resources.

Fashion portfolios:

Putting all of the evidence with notes and explaination, make it more simple and easier to understand. More importantly, put them in orders. With hand made batik and embroidery samples to show different solution to create colour vision. Colour trend investigation – mainly from textile view

15 16 17 18 19 20


IMG_0105 IMG_1611 IMG_1708 IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1714


From colour to design

When I first learn drawing, I’ve been told that I’m very sensitive about colours. Why not use my advantage to drive my design path? Even though the colour choice was decided long time ago, but that doesn’t mean I have to use it. It might change to something else, or it might be narrow down to one or two colours. I love to try different ways, but follow the trend is also important, it helps keeping me in the right path. Exploring as much as I can but never go too far.

Researches much be going with my ideas at the same time. Lucky enough it was just after fashion weeks that I start searching new trendy designs that fits my colour choice. In my sketchbook you can easily see how these colours goes together, and how similar my inspiration was with those trendy designs. I found it fun to connect history armer with modern days fashion design. At the same time, the theme is highly relevant to the key word – “protection”.

Doing something with my hand keeps my brain think clearly all the time, when I was resting, I think of a name for the project, and choose ancient English to wrote it down, did a little embroidery. NEATO was the name I came out, because I wish my design can be neat, creative, and understandable by the audience.

9 10 IMG_1880 IMG_1996