Side body pocket development

I always wonder why there’s only 2 pockets on my jacket, after key and phone, there’s no place to put money and mp4. This happened everytime especially when I’m going to travel by plane, holding my travel documents and phone on one hand, and the other hand full of money, book, sometimes sweets or even a big headphone. Thing is I can’t put them in jacket cuz there’s not enough room, I can’t put them in bag as well cuz after the security check I’m gonna need to use them while waiting for the gate to open or sitting on the plane. This is just so painful, also when I think about which bag should I use, if I choose a pretty one, sure great, I’m goona lose in the mess of a big bag full of stuff and probablly after travelling my shoulder will hurt so much. If I choose an ugly geeky back pack, sure it’s going to be comfortable but everytime I need something I have to take them off and open the zipper to find it, even worse I have to dress like a geek cuz it’s so weird to wear a beautiful long dress with high heels then use a big black backpack.

Hence my project was born, to solve these stupid probelms during travel. This is the first idea of side pockets, because I’m not confident enough about if it’s going to work, and I really don’t want loads of pockets to ruin the feminine body shape of women. Adding these pocket in the buttom and make it as big as possible, at the same time try not to make people look bigger than their real size is the whole idea.

As you can see I put zippers on as well, so that if you don’t need to use it you can put it down to make the jacket longer, but now I just think that’s unnecessary because the pocket itself is one big part of the garment, there’s not a good reason to get rid of it . Anyway this is a project that I’m still developing and I hope I can get some feedback and work on that. xx

IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5327 IMG_5376


Proper T-shirt making

This is the very first T-shirt that I’ve made few years ago, from design, finding material, paper pattern drawing, fabric cutting, ironing, sewing till finishing details.  It was such a pain when it comes to the sleeves, neck line, collar, and the bottom stitch line. I was too silly not to consider about how to make it easier, I just choose the fabric I wanted the most, which was a stripe fabric. It has to be perfect when goes to stripe print, I still remember it must be more than 4 times that I redo the shirt all over again only because the stripe won’t go right.

Everytime I feel making one kind of garment is easy and when I actually goes to the making process, it just never go simply as what I’ve expect :)and that’s how I learn to treat every piece of garment thoughtfully.

IMG_0035 IMG_0036



Colour test

As soon as the colour was decided, I needed to do some test to see if I’m going to creat a new print based on the colour choosing, what will it look? For finding an answer quickly,  It’s easy to just using colour paper card, you can buy it everywhere, it’s convient to be cut, pasted or folded, and it got a wide colour range for different selection. It was planned to design for one of my transformable pocket, that’s why I put them in a pocket fitted size white paper, the colour in picture wasn’t really right, and the blue cardboard for shame wasn’t  the colour I wanted, still it looks nice to me . The tricky part is to cut the paper beautifully cuz the butterfly’s wings weren’t smooth lines, so I used a craft knife. For paste UHU was always my best friend.

It’s not a final print design, just a small craft because although the colour is on trend, I still don’t know the animal topic is suitable, I need to do some market investigation and trend research later. Anyway this is a good part of design process, for the exploring mind and satisfaction after actually created something. 🙂

Ps: I really like these print samples with butterfuly, but since the focus point for me is architecture and art, I might not use it to my final project , enjoy and please if you like any of the post, leave me comments so that I can hear and learn from you 🙂 thx

IMG_5314  IMG_5316












Chinese painting & pattern design

Sorry for keep posting the old stuff that I’ve done years ago, its only because the deadline is coming and I really don’t have time to sit down and write a nice blog with a cup of coffee and chocolate (oh,that sounds so good).

First is a Chinese old fashion painting, the paints are totally different from the stuff that I usually use, so it take me quite a long time to practice and get used to it. It’s not only because the painting process hard, the paper is also a time killer. before starting we need to use some rice soup to wet it and dry it for three times, then it’s the outline of the painting which is a lotus here, then it’s every layer of the painting, different colour has to wait till the front one to get dried. After finishing the whole painting we also need to use special glue, get three layers of paper and newspaper, wet it and dry it for several times on a table, till it can be completely take off without hurting the paints. One step is wrong then the whole painting will be ruined.It’s quite a challenge to be honest 🙂

Then it’s the pattern design, I have to admit I’m not good at the delicate pattern cuz I don’t have enough patience to sit there and draw the same thing over and over again. Still drawing by hand is fun, and I always think human’s hands are better than cold computers (unless I can use PS and ArtRage like a real concept artist, ha)


DSC03019 DSC03026

DSC03031 DSC03032


Proper Drawing practice I

The process of learning drawing can be very boring and hard, especially when there are so many references and good artists’ work standing there. I always get stuck by simple questions like : what am I going to draw? Which pen should I use?

The best way of solving these problems for me is to simply pick pictures that goES the same style, Like the super hero comic style, and the best ever – Disney sketches. for example the picture from Tango, she’s one of my fav character. It’s always good to start with drawing human than animals, the certain shape and form of a human body is one of the most important key for me to observe and learn. It needs a lot of practice too, so I just took a lot of screen shots from those films and try to draw, that’s all.

It doesn’t need to be exact the same as others existing work, I always put my imagination during drawing, that’s what creates fun. After a certain time of practice, I gain some confidence of drawing stuff directly in my mind (last pic), and post it here. (PS: the screaming man is a copy from Seegmiller)




Fashion Illustration practice (MA)

Here are some practice work that I’ve done during semester 1 and 2. At first I just try and draw something in my mind without really researching before that, so things isn’t goes well because everything I’ve draw feels so empty (Pic.2). I was worried about my project which is called “women’s workwear – from formal to casual” because it was quite new to me. Gladly there’s a big library full of fashion illustration books, I browed like 4 books and sit down, emptied my thought and started to copy (pic.1) after a few practice I really started feeling that I have found the inspirations, that was nearly a week later tho.

At the last few pictures you can see that I have developed my own patterns, the face of the illustration models is the short of my name – EchoHuang, E is the front hair and face, and H goes to be the hair behind. This was a painful but very interesting progress, slowly grown my own pattern of drawing, when the outcome finally came up, everything that once made me suffered just gone with the wind. Enjoy your own drawing process 🙂



Chinese old fashion tie dyed fabric

The good thing about doing a degree is that you get the access to a lot of things that you don’t even acknowledged before. The Chinese old fashion tie dye is a good example, I surely seem them before, maybe at a shopping mall, maybe when I travel to some small villages in China, but I have never noticed the technique behind it. It surprisingly took a long time to do this. I still remember when we struggled to get those colour powder boiled, it’s always so confused for us of how to get the exact print that we wanted, the answer is impossible, because it needs years and years practice and experiments. 😉

Since there’s no way for us to really get the print that we designed, I just started “freestyled”. There are a lots print that I’ve dyed but I can only managed to find 4 of them (Those blur pictures were taken when I was doing it, the other ones were taken few years later)