Fashion Illustration practice (MA)

Here are some practice work that I’ve done during semester 1 and 2. At first I just try and draw something in my mind without really researching before that, so things isn’t goes well because everything I’ve draw feels so empty (Pic.2). I was worried about my project which is called “women’s workwear – from formal to casual” because it was quite new to me. Gladly there’s a big library full of fashion illustration books, I browed like 4 books and sit down, emptied my thought and started to copy (pic.1) after a few practice I really started feeling that I have found the inspirations, that was nearly a week later tho.

At the last few pictures you can see that I have developed my own patterns, the face of the illustration models is the short of my name – EchoHuang, E is the front hair and face, and H goes to be the hair behind. This was a painful but very interesting progress, slowly grown my own pattern of drawing, when the outcome finally came up, everything that once made me suffered just gone with the wind. Enjoy your own drawing process 🙂



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