Side body pocket development

I always wonder why there’s only 2 pockets on my jacket, after key and phone, there’s no place to put money and mp4. This happened everytime especially when I’m going to travel by plane, holding my travel documents and phone on one hand, and the other hand full of money, book, sometimes sweets or even a big headphone. Thing is I can’t put them in jacket cuz there’s not enough room, I can’t put them in bag as well cuz after the security check I’m gonna need to use them while waiting for the gate to open or sitting on the plane. This is just so painful, also when I think about which bag should I use, if I choose a pretty one, sure great, I’m goona lose in the mess of a big bag full of stuff and probablly after travelling my shoulder will hurt so much. If I choose an ugly geeky back pack, sure it’s going to be comfortable but everytime I need something I have to take them off and open the zipper to find it, even worse I have to dress like a geek cuz it’s so weird to wear a beautiful long dress with high heels then use a big black backpack.

Hence my project was born, to solve these stupid probelms during travel. This is the first idea of side pockets, because I’m not confident enough about if it’s going to work, and I really don’t want loads of pockets to ruin the feminine body shape of women. Adding these pocket in the buttom and make it as big as possible, at the same time try not to make people look bigger than their real size is the whole idea.

As you can see I put zippers on as well, so that if you don’t need to use it you can put it down to make the jacket longer, but now I just think that’s unnecessary because the pocket itself is one big part of the garment, there’s not a good reason to get rid of it . Anyway this is a project that I’m still developing and I hope I can get some feedback and work on that. xx

IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5327 IMG_5376


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