Fabric choosing (BA)

There’s a good thing to live in Guangzhou, China, is the massive resource of fabric and materials for fashion design. The “wonderland” in Chinese is called 中大国际轻纺城. It took me nearly a week to get the right fabric because the market is so big, and not a lot of fabric shop do small order like I did. I bought each of the swimming suit fabric for 12 meters, and 16 meters for red silk fabric. This is a fun and hard process, I get up 7 in the morning, catch the bus, get to the market and select all kinds of fabric. Normally they won’t tell me the price because I’m a student, so I have to pretend that I’m working in a company 😀
Any way, the digital print of the lion is my main inspiration picture, so I use it as print for main design. At the same time, I choose similar colour fabric to go with it.I really love how the red silk look, it’s also digital print fabric, especially when I put it in the model, the natural textile and colour feels really expensive and creative. If it’s now, I will make a better use of it.
IMG_0067 IMG_0070 IMG_0072 IMG_0077 IMG_0080 IMG_0089



Portfolio layout 2

This is for explaining all the sleeves experiments that I’ve made. The one that I actually used in my final jacket is the simple single pocket and divice pocket. Here’s the introduction in my essay:

2.3 Sleeves pockets
Continuing of the transformable pockets idea, to make sleeves also stuff containable became the next aim of the project. It sounds very unfamiliar and the truth is it’s rarely appeared in the market as well, not because nobody has thought about it, but for it’s controversial usages. It’s like the customers first use an iMac, the huge differences between IOS and Windows system is the convincible reason, and the situation with getting use to a pocket on sleeve might also take quite some times.

2.4 Sleeves devices pocket
Sleeves devices pockets, when people first hear this name they might be very confused – what’s the meaning of it? The inspiration from this topic is a personal ideal solution for how to “eat and watch cell phone during dinning on a plane”. Airplane is as well known as very limited space for customers to move around, unless it’s not economic seats. When the small table is putting down it’s nearly impossible to move arms freely, not to mention when the food’s coming, using cell phone when eating is only possible if someone has a third hand. Hence making a sleeve that contains a pocket for cell phone or other stuff seem like a dream project to achieve.
To really think deep about it, there’s a big problem of finding a visible fabric for the devices pockets, especially when it comes to iPhone, it has to get fingers contact for the electric touching screen to work. After finding this crucial problem, fabric development is definitely the affective motion of all times.

5 6


Portfolio layout 1

This is the first 4 pages of my Portfolio, to make it look more perfessional and fit to the theme, I choose the main colour as the background and did a little design of it as well. The main idea is to show the project that I’be been doing for the last semester, and these 4 pages illustrated the project’s name, trend investigation, colour researches and inspiration brand.

1 2 3 4


Mini exhibition

After finishing 2 final pieces, here’s a mini exhibition of the things that i’ve done so far, including 8000 words weekly working journal, 5000 words essay, portfolio and samples.
For the next stage, I will start to fill in the holes, make my portfolio better, with explainations and more investigation about the similar designs. Of course the making and designing steps needs to be refined, I will do more mind map, to remind myself how these ideas came from. At the same time, hoping to make more samples and finishing outfit.
Later I will post the portfolio details that I’ve designed.

The jacket is the multiple pockets product, the pockets are all hidden inside, it can carry most of the things that women needs to carry, and every pocket can divided into two or three smaller pockets. Also as I did the samples before, the device pocket can carry phones when you dining or reading on the plane, also after tested, even iphone can be used inside this pocket (iPhones’ screen is different made) before making this jacket, I’ve made more than 10 samples of sleeves, jackets parts and fasterners tests.Although the final outcome is not exact what I’ve expected, but I’m quite satisfied with the amount of work that I’ve done during these two months.

IMG_1796 IMG_1795 IMG_1797


Mega pockets T-Shirt

For saving time, this T-Shirt is made on an existing product from a mall.
The first idea about this comes from an “old T-shirt program”, that is to change your clothes to something new and fashion. I saw a picture of people digging holes on top of the neck line and it actually looked quite good, so I had this design that was to put pockets around people’s neck, with calculated angle and weight containence to make sure it will be usable.
Also adding two very strong pockets on the side of the shirt, is to make sure the balance of the shirt, prevent it from being dragged and look funny. What I love most about this design is the multiple use of each pocket, the 4 small ones can contain every kind of card, small mp3, notes, pads etc, and the 2 big ones, because they are very strong (added 3 layers of fabric and fine lined) people can put their phone, keys, wallet … Think about putting a phone or wallet into your tight jeans, and trying to get it out when sitting down? With this t-shirt there’s no need to be painful now. Also when people don’t acutally use any of the pockets, it can be decoration as well.
With the colour setted before, I also made the design feels a little bit like ancient egypt style, it looks like huge colour necklace from far away, the pure white colour t-shirt is very helpful, it’s 100% cutton, very comfortable, also cheap. Even the yellow dye has been carefully selected, I use the dying type of paint that even children can play with, so it’s definitely safe as well.

IMG_1786 IMG_1785 IMG_1787 IMG_1788 IMG_1789



Fashion illustration practice

During this practice session, I tried to use markers pen and be bold about colours, not saying that this is a good outcome, but it certainly helped me to learn how to control colours and when to stop. Like the second one, other than the women, I think other decoration is just confusing the whole picture, it took people’s eye off from the main character. As this practice is for my final pieces the illustration is really alike the garment. Although I only have time to make one or two pieces, I still think this can be a good collection and if I have time I will finish what the illlustration shows.

Drawing my own Illustration makes me clear about the outcome, especially when I can’t imaging what the garment will look like. It’s of course won’t be accurate but it’s good enough for me since I don’t have a lot of experience of making garment from imagination.

The frist 3 picture is taken by my phone, so the quality and the colour won’t be that good, but here’s an idea, scan it into the computer, then use photoshop to edit and make it look professional, the fourth piece is an unfinished example

IMG_1680 IMG_1681 IMG_1682 IMG_1683 (2)