Think differently

Think differently is easy to say, but hard to execute, especially in design industry, so many creative ideas came out from different designers everyday, and trying to survive is so not easy. Sometimes maybe when you came out of an idea that you are very pleased, but then found out somebody else has already made a garment exactly like it. Sucks ain’t it? That’s why we always need to research about things

Making an easy example, how do you think of pockets around your neck? of course it can’t carry heavy stuff, but for travellers, it can help devide your passport, personal ID, business card, money ect into different pockets, with different colour it’s simple enough to remember which is in which. Also I don’t think anyone is bold enough to put their hands around your neck and trying to steal anything from it.
I did think differently when designing this project, because at first I didnt even focus on any area that’s around the neck, it’s a picutre about T-shirt with holes makes me thinking, maybe pockets can replace those holes and actually make some uses to it. To think differently, I think I should put myself in a different situation first, like going out and play, maybe the idea will came out when I’m playing basketball or tennis, maybe the design will pop out when I trying to find a good TV show at home, you’ll never know this.

So, what is your opinion about “Think differently”, and what do you think of this ‘Necklace pockets” T-shirt?

I will be very honored to have your feedback, thx a lot πŸ™‚



Studying fashion design is not easy, to be successful, I need to learn so much. Fashion illustration, sewing technique, drawing technique, fabric choosing or making ,,,, this is never easy.

If you ask me what did I learn in the past 13 monthes, I can make a list here:

1. Language ( being lucky, my mother language is already two, Cantonese and Chinese, now English is making progress, I hope I can learn French or Italian soon)

2. Fashion illustration: how to communicate with people, depends on how good I can draw my ideas on the paper.

3. Pattern drawing: This is a very important technique for me, also there are so many pattern in the shop, and we can always use draping, but not every one has the model’s body. At least learn how to adjust the patter will be very helpful

4. Draping: not everybody is good at drawing pattern, it needs certainly knowledge about math, this is a very complicated technique. With draping, I can make the basic pattern very easily, then put it into 2 D pattern to cut all the fabric.

5. Knowledge of many world’s very famous technique: such as batik, for the very new and trendy one, digital printing, laser cut fabric ,,,

6. Β Writing: yes, writing. Designer should have a clear brain, know how to say, what to say, and why to say it. Use certain way to put the idea into ADs, promotion or even their own fashion sketchbook or portfolio. If nobody understand what you’re trying to express, how can they love what you’re doing?

7. Drawing and PS: this is my own interest. I want to be better, I love drawing, simple it is. Art and Artchitecture is so fantastic that I can never ignore it. I also think that design and art share the same principle, knowing more about the artist world will help my design go into a new level.

8. Reading: choose what to read, how to read, and the speed of reading is very important for me. I’ve learn so much from all those books and magazines, and I hope to gain more from those incredible designers in the world.

IMG_2101 IMG_2126 IMG_2271


Batik LOVE

Everyday I’ve been thinking, how to convience people to love my design as I do, how to show them my passion about design, how to make them believe I love fashion more than anything. When doing this project, so many new things jumped to my face, some of them are so connected with my work, but some of them is just simply amazed me. I don’t want to give those amazing stuff up just because I won’t be using it at the moment, so I try to balance everything that I wanted to learn and the current research. I wanted to show everything so bad, and I took so much time for doing it, but I will never regret it.

When researching I found a technique called Batik, it’s very popular in China and some of the places still using it as main fabric produce technique. It’s called wax painting here, and ζ‰ŽζŸ“ θœ‘ζŸ“ in China. Although I posted some of the work before, but recently I made one with gutta again and found out it look so pretty on window, might be able to use for decoration of Xmas. The making progress is a pain, because it’s such delicate work, but the finishing piece does look geogrous. Well, who knows, maybe this is a new beginning for another project? I just so excited about doing it, the outcome is really not that matters to me.

IMG_1585 IMG_2598 IMG_2599 IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2602IMG_1584


Final piece rough look

This is the rough look of the jacket that I was going to make, can see it’s too thick for Spring and Summer. I do like the pocket inside the jacket, which you can’t actually see in these pictures. The pocket in the back is for putting your scarf or some soft stuff that you can find on the air plane, it works like a small pillow, for solving back pain when travel for too long. and the device pocket on the sleeve like I mentioned it can contains your phone when you sit on a plane and trying to eat with your little table down. I found it very hard to move especially I’m quite “big” for the seat, so I make this sleeve to make myself eat and play me phone at the same time.

I know this is not perfect but glad to tell everybody that I’m going to dig deeper on this subject, I know that our promotion teacher said that the garment should fit in the market as well. but hey, I wanted to be a designer, a good one, so I’m allow to have my own personality, even though it might be rubbish, right? Β HA! Thx for everybody whose interested in my project.
IMG_1790 IMG_1791 IMG_1792



The best thing for killing time is to doodle. I’m not a very good artist, I can’t really draw the things that I wanted 100% exactly. So I choose to draw in an abstract way. I found this kinda drawing “technique” is quite interesting because it doesn’t really require “technique”. All I need to do is to draw with those two pens however ways I want.
This might not be a very fashion related project, but I think for relaxing my brain from chaos and heavy work, it actually helps me to think faster. It it always good when dooooooooodling.

Here’s a little trick, cuz the perfessional ink pen from Pental is really deary ( 8 quid each I think), I choose to use those aqua pen fill in with normal calligraphy ink and water. This is a good way to safe money, cuz it works basically the same.





Design and Modeling

When I was organizing some old pictures from BA, I found these set of interesting photos that took “professionally” by us. We as design students first trying to make something from imagination, can’t afford a real model, so that’s why I was wearing it and trying to take pics. Instead, I made some funny poses and make everybody laughed.

Although that simple dress took the 4 of us 3 days and nights, it was still a good memory. That’s the first time we learn how to fit in the industry, and without tutorials, our tutors let us just do what we think will be right. The dress was designed for a Hongkong actress, it’s a very vintage and simple dress. I love those detail pictures, although it’s very “not well-made”. Funny thing is I can see so many rubbish factor in those pictures, like the bad make up, lame shoes and accessories, unfitted hair style ,,, but i did learn a lot from the process.

PS: This dress and photograph was a group working outcome πŸ™‚

IMG_2063 IMG_2072 IMG_2082 η»†θŠ‚ (1) η»†θŠ‚ (2) η»†θŠ‚ (3) η»†θŠ‚ (4) η»†θŠ‚