Final piece rough look

This is the rough look of the jacket that I was going to make, can see it’s too thick for Spring and Summer. I do like the pocket inside the jacket, which you can’t actually see in these pictures. The pocket in the back is for putting your scarf or some soft stuff that you can find on the air plane, it works like a small pillow, for solving back pain when travel for too long. and the device pocket on the sleeve like I mentioned it can contains your phone when you sit on a plane and trying to eat with your little table down. I found it very hard to move especially I’m quite “big” for the seat, so I make this sleeve to make myself eat and play me phone at the same time.

I know this is not perfect but glad to tell everybody that I’m going to dig deeper on this subject, I know that our promotion teacher said that the garment should fit in the market as well. but hey, I wanted to be a designer, a good one, so I’m allow to have my own personality, even though it might be rubbish, right?  HA! Thx for everybody whose interested in my project.
IMG_1790 IMG_1791 IMG_1792


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