Finally hand-in

These days I was so busy, slept 3 hours a day to finish my 3 big folio about researches and one designer sketchbook. There’s another new piece that I’m developing, called “side pockets dress”.

Last time, the final work has been criticized “not professional enough, the fabric was cheap ish, and the look is kind of basic”, so this time I decided to make it more fashionable. I first did a lot of researches, marks them, took a note, then a conclusion notes, then drew some basic sketches. Once I finished the preparation, I head to the fabric shop  called Trim-it in Blackpool immediately. WOW, there are so many high fashion fabric in that little shop, and they are all hiding in another room 😉 well, I spend more than 100 pound to get samples ( you have to buy half meter or up of any fabric) and some beautiful white sketchy fabric.

Although everything is already finished, but I really like to hold it for a while, and post step to step, how I did it, why I did this, what’s my design purpose, why my design is so unique… And I will post my sketchbook as well.

Here I’m going to introduce some pages of my initial researches and sketches, hope you will like it !

First 2 pages of my sketchbook, it’s always hard to start.

1 2

Learning outcome folio 1

IMG_1680 IMG_1681 IMG_1682


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