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Kabuki is known as a Japanese legendary traditional Opera in the world. The actors in Kabuki are all males. Funny things is, Kabuki was originate from a beautiful woman who dedicate herself into charity of building god tampus. The proformers are called  かぶき者, they’re devided into so many different parts, and I’m not going to explain it here cuz I dont really know how to translate their names into English, might as well let yourself discover it .

It’s such a shame that there’re less and less people now like to spend their entire life in this wonderful performance, it requires a lot of effort. Like the Chinese Opera, kids needs to learn how to proform since they’re 4 years old, they got beaten all the time for not acting properly and they need to memorize all those ancient chinese Lyrics specifically in a very short time.

Art is art, it will last forever, but it also needs people to care and to know about it’s beauty. If you travel to China or Japan, remember to pay attention to those wonderful art stories that last for thousands of years.


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