Drawing for fun, not for work

Everyone drew when they’re bored, sitting on a meeting, surrounded by idiots, for me drawing is more like having fun, finding a way to express myself to the audiences. There’s a joke about a group of Chinese traveled to Germany, and they wanted a cup of milk, they dunno how to draw it so they drew a cow and asked around. They ended up being in a farm with lots of cows and still no milk. Of course this is a silly little story because im sure they can simply draw a milk bottle instead of a complicated cow, but here’s my point.

I find drawing very fascinating, everytime I draw, regardless the outcome I always will enjoy the process. This is a unique activity of my brain, nerves and hands, in different time there’ll be specific drawing come out from me. Sometimes i draw stupid things to make myself happy, sometimes I’d like to practise fashion illustration, sometimes i just held my pen then staring at the plain white paper and doing nothing. All in all, drawing is for fun.

I’m not a professional painter, not even close, I learned how to use watercolour for fashion illustration properly for just several monthes. But i loved drawing from the minute i can hold pens. What I’m going to show is some watercolour illustration inspired from the existing master pieces during fashion show last year. I used about 1.5 hours for these two drawings as a experiment of the new paints that I’ve got in the art shop.

Tools I’m using: Da Vinci pure kolinsky travel brushes, Schmincke watercolour and Canson papers.


I shouldn’t use the thick black line throughout the first drawing, it makes the face look really rough and not delicate enough, so then i improved the technique on the right ones, tried use some thick AND thin lines together. Practicing is also a way for learning, finding a proper skills that suits myself, that’s why I love having a bit of reviewing of my own paintings after its finished, so that I can see the weak point, and hopefully to improve it for the coming practicings.

Details 1 Detail 2


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