Drawing for fun, not for work

Everyone drew when they’re bored, sitting on a meeting, surrounded by idiots, for me drawing is more like having fun, finding a way to express myself to the audiences. There’s a joke about a group of Chinese traveled to Germany, and they wanted a cup of milk, they dunno how to draw it so they drew a cow and asked around. They ended up being in a farm with lots of cows and still no milk. Of course this is a silly little story because im sure they can simply draw a milk bottle instead of a complicated cow, but here’s my point.

I find drawing very fascinating, everytime I draw, regardless the outcome I always will enjoy the process. This is a unique activity of my brain, nerves and hands, in different time there’ll be specific drawing come out from me. Sometimes i draw stupid things to make myself happy, sometimes I’d like to practise fashion illustration, sometimes i just held my pen then staring at the plain white paper and doing nothing. All in all, drawing is for fun.

I’m not a professional painter, not even close, I learned how to use watercolour for fashion illustration properly for just several monthes. But i loved drawing from the minute i can hold pens. What I’m going to show is some watercolour illustration inspired from the existing master pieces during fashion show last year. I used about 1.5 hours for these two drawings as a experiment of the new paints that I’ve got in the art shop.

Tools I’m using: Da Vinci pure kolinsky travel brushes, Schmincke watercolour and Canson papers.


I shouldn’t use the thick black line throughout the first drawing, it makes the face look really rough and not delicate enough, so then i improved the technique on the right ones, tried use some thick AND thin lines together. Practicing is also a way for learning, finding a proper skills that suits myself, that’s why I love having a bit of reviewing of my own paintings after its finished, so that I can see the weak point, and hopefully to improve it for the coming practicings.

Details 1 Detail 2



Tonight Im going to Italy !! the first stop is Milan, the most fashionable city in the planet, hope I can keep updating the good pictures ! Heard that women in Italy is the most beautiful, and stylish of all, can’t wait to see their dressing !!

Chanel Haute Couture SpringSummer 2008 A model presents a creation by German de Christian Dior Haute Couture AutumnWinter 2009 Christian Dior Haute Couture SpringSummer 1953 collection Christian Dior Haute Couture SpringSummer 2010 Dior Golden glam Jasper Conran Spring 2010 Details (2)


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Chinese old fashion tie dyed fabric

The good thing about doing a degree is that you get the access to a lot of things that you don’t even acknowledged before. The Chinese old fashion tie dye is a good example, I surely seem them before, maybe at a shopping mall, maybe when I travel to some small villages in China, but I have never noticed the technique behind it. It surprisingly took a long time to do this. I still remember when we struggled to get those colour powder boiled, it’s always so confused for us of how to get the exact print that we wanted, the answer is impossible, because it needs years and years practice and experiments. 😉

Since there’s no way for us to really get the print that we designed, I just started “freestyled”. There are a lots print that I’ve dyed but I can only managed to find 4 of them (Those blur pictures were taken when I was doing it, the other ones were taken few years later)



Colour choosing for my project

sometimes, the colour choosing for design is crucial, so I always be very careful about it. I did researches, look through like a thousand pictures for references, and I decided to use the following colour. Luckily is this set of colour is very in trend, cuz I found good reference in Textile View, which I also posted .

This was a concept that I wanted to use design and art as linked but slightly different inspirations, added up the Cubist and Minimalist style that I loved. It slowly “evaluated” to the project I’m doing now and wish to post two monthew later.




Display Ideas (3D modeling)

When I start doing this MA, all I can think about is to really have fun, turns out there are so many things that realted to fashion design and I didn’t realize before. Almost 8 weeks ago semester 3 started, and we were asking to do a small presentation about the final display of our work based on the existing BA shows.

I found it quite interesting that we only have 1 year to finish the master, yet we need to do more and better than the 4 years BA students, giving the equipment supplied during summer holiday is very limited (sewing machine room won’t be valid until september, and some of the tutor will go on holiday), it’s pretty stressful for everyone I guess. Luckily we were required to develop our self-study skills during the 1st semeter or I really don’t know how can I achieve this 😀

Well all in all there isn’t a lot of time for regreting or complaining, so I just start doing everything that I planed to do. Like the 3D modeling display cornor that I made by cardboard, it’s not specific and delicate but it shows the rough idea and key words of my thought : clean, neat, straight to point and attractive. As requied we need to hand in at least 3 garments, as much as samples, 5000 words essay (required to have creative format), portfolios, journals and the whole display direction. This is a very easy way to help remembering the idea since it still got 3 months when I did the model. Everything will be much easier to understand if it has been visualized.

The idea of doing this blog is also helpful as well, lots of images, references and my own explaination just make things so easy when it comes to the final end that I need to summarized everything all by myself. This is a course of self-developing as well, until now I’ve been doing great.

I hope my experience of doing the MA fashion design will help the other students as well 🙂

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