Think differently

Think differently is easy to say, but hard to execute, especially in design industry, so many creative ideas came out from different designers everyday, and trying to survive is so not easy. Sometimes maybe when you came out of an idea that you are very pleased, but then found out somebody else has already made a garment exactly like it. Sucks ain’t it? That’s why we always need to research about things

Making an easy example, how do you think of pockets around your neck? of course it can’t carry heavy stuff, but for travellers, it can help devide your passport, personal ID, business card, money ect into different pockets, with different colour it’s simple enough to remember which is in which. Also I don’t think anyone is bold enough to put their hands around your neck and trying to steal anything from it.
I did think differently when designing this project, because at first I didnt even focus on any area that’s around the neck, it’s a picutre about T-shirt with holes makes me thinking, maybe pockets can replace those holes and actually make some uses to it. To think differently, I think I should put myself in a different situation first, like going out and play, maybe the idea will came out when I’m playing basketball or tennis, maybe the design will pop out when I trying to find a good TV show at home, you’ll never know this.

So, what is your opinion about “Think differently”, and what do you think of this ‘Necklace pockets” T-shirt?

I will be very honored to have your feedback, thx a lot 🙂


Batik LOVE

Everyday I’ve been thinking, how to convience people to love my design as I do, how to show them my passion about design, how to make them believe I love fashion more than anything. When doing this project, so many new things jumped to my face, some of them are so connected with my work, but some of them is just simply amazed me. I don’t want to give those amazing stuff up just because I won’t be using it at the moment, so I try to balance everything that I wanted to learn and the current research. I wanted to show everything so bad, and I took so much time for doing it, but I will never regret it.

When researching I found a technique called Batik, it’s very popular in China and some of the places still using it as main fabric produce technique. It’s called wax painting here, and 扎染 蜡染 in China. Although I posted some of the work before, but recently I made one with gutta again and found out it look so pretty on window, might be able to use for decoration of Xmas. The making progress is a pain, because it’s such delicate work, but the finishing piece does look geogrous. Well, who knows, maybe this is a new beginning for another project? I just so excited about doing it, the outcome is really not that matters to me.

IMG_1585 IMG_2598 IMG_2599 IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2602IMG_1584


Portfolio layout 3

The first page is about the fashion materials that I will use in the design, I choose fasterns because they are small, easy to sew, nearly invisible and handy. I was thinking about some fancy metal materials, but they will affect the cell phone even break it. also these fasterners are so tiny that even sleep on them will not be detected by customers, it’s very good to use it in garments. The big challange to use them is to not make it look cheap, like those street product. This is the basic focus of fashion & function.
Second page is a test of device pockets, I’ve done quite a lot experiments using different materials, this still wasn’t the final decision, but I was having fun doing it, for making something that I like or wanted directly from my brain is not easy, and I know the outcome doesn’t look good, but it will be refined eventually.
7 8


Portfolio layout 2

This is for explaining all the sleeves experiments that I’ve made. The one that I actually used in my final jacket is the simple single pocket and divice pocket. Here’s the introduction in my essay:

2.3 Sleeves pockets
Continuing of the transformable pockets idea, to make sleeves also stuff containable became the next aim of the project. It sounds very unfamiliar and the truth is it’s rarely appeared in the market as well, not because nobody has thought about it, but for it’s controversial usages. It’s like the customers first use an iMac, the huge differences between IOS and Windows system is the convincible reason, and the situation with getting use to a pocket on sleeve might also take quite some times.

2.4 Sleeves devices pocket
Sleeves devices pockets, when people first hear this name they might be very confused – what’s the meaning of it? The inspiration from this topic is a personal ideal solution for how to “eat and watch cell phone during dinning on a plane”. Airplane is as well known as very limited space for customers to move around, unless it’s not economic seats. When the small table is putting down it’s nearly impossible to move arms freely, not to mention when the food’s coming, using cell phone when eating is only possible if someone has a third hand. Hence making a sleeve that contains a pocket for cell phone or other stuff seem like a dream project to achieve.
To really think deep about it, there’s a big problem of finding a visible fabric for the devices pockets, especially when it comes to iPhone, it has to get fingers contact for the electric touching screen to work. After finding this crucial problem, fabric development is definitely the affective motion of all times.

5 6


Portfolio layout 1

This is the first 4 pages of my Portfolio, to make it look more perfessional and fit to the theme, I choose the main colour as the background and did a little design of it as well. The main idea is to show the project that I’be been doing for the last semester, and these 4 pages illustrated the project’s name, trend investigation, colour researches and inspiration brand.

1 2 3 4


Colour test

As soon as the colour was decided, I needed to do some test to see if I’m going to creat a new print based on the colour choosing, what will it look? For finding an answer quickly,  It’s easy to just using colour paper card, you can buy it everywhere, it’s convient to be cut, pasted or folded, and it got a wide colour range for different selection. It was planned to design for one of my transformable pocket, that’s why I put them in a pocket fitted size white paper, the colour in picture wasn’t really right, and the blue cardboard for shame wasn’t  the colour I wanted, still it looks nice to me . The tricky part is to cut the paper beautifully cuz the butterfly’s wings weren’t smooth lines, so I used a craft knife. For paste UHU was always my best friend.

It’s not a final print design, just a small craft because although the colour is on trend, I still don’t know the animal topic is suitable, I need to do some market investigation and trend research later. Anyway this is a good part of design process, for the exploring mind and satisfaction after actually created something. 🙂

Ps: I really like these print samples with butterfuly, but since the focus point for me is architecture and art, I might not use it to my final project , enjoy and please if you like any of the post, leave me comments so that I can hear and learn from you 🙂 thx

IMG_5314  IMG_5316













Hi world, I’m Echo Huang, currently a fashion student in UCLAN.

I opened this blog to post my work, research links, design, painting ect, as recording the last few months in the MA courses.

I hope this will help me in reflection part, and also be a good reference for the following students thats going to study in the same area 🙂