Crazy idea of socks !!!

Dunno if there’s any similar product in the market yet, but I totally think this idea is interesting ! Please ignore the horible hand sewing skills cuz the socks are really strechy. This is for when people waiting to do anything (of course mostly it’s realted to my project about air plane travel problems, any bad memories about sitting outside the security door and waiting for that gate to open so that you can get into that stupid plane? It always feels like a thousand years when I’m in the waiting room, it’s just sucks !) I know that not a lot of people have super big hands and unfortunitely the phones in the market now are tend to be bigger and bigger. Like I’m using an iPhone ( without any cases), and sometimes if I hold it for too long, the metel edges hurts my fingers. Plus, putting it inside this magic socks, prevent the finger print and dirty issues of touching the screen, and when you sit like the first picture shows, it’s actually comfy to read.

Think about when you heard the gate’s open and everybody rushed out to arrange their phones and travel documents, you just needed to simply stand up, and ready to go. 🙂





Colour test

As soon as the colour was decided, I needed to do some test to see if I’m going to creat a new print based on the colour choosing, what will it look? For finding an answer quickly,  It’s easy to just using colour paper card, you can buy it everywhere, it’s convient to be cut, pasted or folded, and it got a wide colour range for different selection. It was planned to design for one of my transformable pocket, that’s why I put them in a pocket fitted size white paper, the colour in picture wasn’t really right, and the blue cardboard for shame wasn’t  the colour I wanted, still it looks nice to me . The tricky part is to cut the paper beautifully cuz the butterfly’s wings weren’t smooth lines, so I used a craft knife. For paste UHU was always my best friend.

It’s not a final print design, just a small craft because although the colour is on trend, I still don’t know the animal topic is suitable, I need to do some market investigation and trend research later. Anyway this is a good part of design process, for the exploring mind and satisfaction after actually created something. 🙂

Ps: I really like these print samples with butterfuly, but since the focus point for me is architecture and art, I might not use it to my final project , enjoy and please if you like any of the post, leave me comments so that I can hear and learn from you 🙂 thx

IMG_5314  IMG_5316