From colour to design

When I first learn drawing, I’ve been told that I’m very sensitive about colours. Why not use my advantage to drive my design path? Even though the colour choice was decided long time ago, but that doesn’t mean I have to use it. It might change to something else, or it might be narrow down to one or two colours. I love to try different ways, but follow the trend is also important, it helps keeping me in the right path. Exploring as much as I can but never go too far.

Researches much be going with my ideas at the same time. Lucky enough it was just after fashion weeks that I start searching new trendy designs that fits my colour choice. In my sketchbook you can easily see how these colours goes together, and how similar my inspiration was with those trendy designs. I found it fun to connect history armer with modern days fashion design. At the same time, the theme is highly relevant to the key word – “protection”.

Doing something with my hand keeps my brain think clearly all the time, when I was resting, I think of a name for the project, and choose ancient English to wrote it down, did a little embroidery. NEATO was the name I came out, because I wish my design can be neat, creative, and understandable by the audience.

9 10 IMG_1880 IMG_1996


BA Embroidery work

I was always interested in those Chinese tranditional techinique, especially Embroidery and paper cutting. This is an old BA embroidery homework from 3 years ago, funny is I’m the only one in our class decide to choose this course 🙂 It’s a course that last for 2 month. I could only work on night so It took me nearly a month to finish, and so as you can see that I took a few “short cut” by using shinny glue instead.

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This is a hand made embroidery that I’ve created last semester, the outline of it was coming from a Japanese graphic design book, I copied it on the fabric then selected the colour by myself. At first I just really interested in doing this kind of delicate work, it’s like practicing Chinese characters, made me feel calm and peace. I really wanted to put this concept of embroidery into my design, so I tried to use it on a sample, which was also from last semester, simply just to see how it works.

Let me introduce about the sample first: when the idea of clothes for traveling women first came out, I was still thinking of how to hide the pockets when people don’t need to use it, that’s why I made several samples of “POCKETS WITH ZIPPERS”, the one in the last image is just one of em. Following the concept it should be something interesting inside the pocket, so when putting it down people can only see a normal fashion trendy jacket, and when it’s up there will be embroideries or accessories as decoration. That’s just a rough concept of course, very amateur, but I pretty enjoyed doing it. 🙂

Back to the embroidery topic, sadly I found out it took too much time to finish the whole piece, because it’s really something that I couldn’t use any shortcuts. I used nearly 2 weeks to finish this single piece, and It was such a pain when I changed different colour stithies. The embroidery machine was popping inside my mind, but I myself just like hand made stuff too much so I dropped that idea as well. At last I decided that I won’t putting this amazing technique directly in my design, but maybe I will do it as a souvenir, like handkerchief or some little craft, that I can show it with my work in the exhibition show during the last few weeks of my MA courses.

It was pretty depressed for me knowing that I can’t use embroidery because of the time issues when doing MA. Still I’m posting my work here and hopefully one day I can use it eventually.