Portfolio display – colour

My design was tend to be colour trend driven. So I selected some of the most important pages from my design sketchbook and fashion portfolio to show how it appears to be what it looks like now.

Design sketchbooks:

Inspired by geometric and plane’s different shapes. added colour fashion pictures and art piece as support evidence, mood board and design page. Pictures was found on the internet and printed out with resources.

Fashion portfolios:

Putting all of the evidence with notes and explaination, make it more simple and easier to understand. More importantly, put them in orders. With hand made batik and embroidery samples to show different solution to create colour vision. Colour trend investigation – mainly from textile view

15 16 17 18 19 20


IMG_0105 IMG_1611 IMG_1708 IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1714


Fashion illustration practice

During this practice session, I tried to use markers pen and be bold about colours, not saying that this is a good outcome, but it certainly helped me to learn how to control colours and when to stop. Like the second one, other than the women, I think other decoration is just confusing the whole picture, it took people’s eye off from the main character. As this practice is for my final pieces the illustration is really alike the garment. Although I only have time to make one or two pieces, I still think this can be a good collection and if I have time I will finish what the illlustration shows.

Drawing my own Illustration makes me clear about the outcome, especially when I can’t imaging what the garment will look like. It’s of course won’t be accurate but it’s good enough for me since I don’t have a lot of experience of making garment from imagination.

The frist 3 picture is taken by my phone, so the quality and the colour won’t be that good, but here’s an idea, scan it into the computer, then use photoshop to edit and make it look professional, the fourth piece is an unfinished example

IMG_1680 IMG_1681 IMG_1682 IMG_1683 (2)


Disney drawing practice

I personally love drawing very much, althought it basically not really relevant to the course I’m doing. I hope I can design clothes and be able to do a beautiful fashion illustration drawing to express it. I practice drawing nearly everyday, only now there’s less than 11 days to the final courses deadline that I stopped. Deep down, I think drawing is like a way to be peaceful, calm down from the busy daily life and stress. The most helpful tool for me is everything related to Disney, 3D films, old cartoons, sketches, character settings drafts, everything. Here’s one picture that I found interesting in “The art of Tangled”, she’s the witch that raised Rapunzel. Observing her face is quite hard at the beginning cuz the angle of her hair, AND this is my first time drawing cats. Difficult but I had fun, this painting took me 90 mints nearly, I used STAEDTLER Mars technico pencil for draft, then 0.3 pental auto pencil for detail, for finishing I used chinese ink brush and pental aqua ink brush large size. thx

IMG_1450 IMG_1451

IMG_1452 IMG_1453

IMG_1454 IMG_1455



Fashion Illustration practice (MA)

Here are some practice work that I’ve done during semester 1 and 2. At first I just try and draw something in my mind without really researching before that, so things isn’t goes well because everything I’ve draw feels so empty (Pic.2). I was worried about my project which is called “women’s workwear – from formal to casual” because it was quite new to me. Gladly there’s a big library full of fashion illustration books, I browed like 4 books and sit down, emptied my thought and started to copy (pic.1) after a few practice I really started feeling that I have found the inspirations, that was nearly a week later tho.

At the last few pictures you can see that I have developed my own patterns, the face of the illustration models is the short of my name – EchoHuang, E is the front hair and face, and H goes to be the hair behind. This was a painful but very interesting progress, slowly grown my own pattern of drawing, when the outcome finally came up, everything that once made me suffered just gone with the wind. Enjoy your own drawing process 🙂



Fashion illustration practice

These fashion illustration practice paintings were also from BA, 4 of them were copies from a reference book, others were original work. In China I used a different paint which called Gouache paint, which was used for most of the drawings. I also used watercolour pencils, Markers and technical drawing pens.

I have been practice drawing properly for quite a while, which hasn’t include fashion illustration yet, but I will get to that soon hopefully 🙂