Fashion portfolio – light effect

In these pages, I’m trying to find a way to express my target group.

The light effect is very inspiring, lots of designers have used it in their collection, mostly in digital printing. In the shop, I saw this amazing black shiny fabric, it has different reflection to light, so I put it inside my sketchbook, as many of the solutions for the final project.

During this stage, I’m still not starting to really “design” anything, so researches about different fabric, is a way to break through the ice.

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Atelier Versace | Spring 2014


From colour to design

When I first learn drawing, I’ve been told that I’m very sensitive about colours. Why not use my advantage to drive my design path? Even though the colour choice was decided long time ago, but that doesn’t mean I have to use it. It might change to something else, or it might be narrow down to one or two colours. I love to try different ways, but follow the trend is also important, it helps keeping me in the right path. Exploring as much as I can but never go too far.

Researches much be going with my ideas at the same time. Lucky enough it was just after fashion weeks that I start searching new trendy designs that fits my colour choice. In my sketchbook you can easily see how these colours goes together, and how similar my inspiration was with those trendy designs. I found it fun to connect history armer with modern days fashion design. At the same time, the theme is highly relevant to the key word – “protection”.

Doing something with my hand keeps my brain think clearly all the time, when I was resting, I think of a name for the project, and choose ancient English to wrote it down, did a little embroidery. NEATO was the name I came out, because I wish my design can be neat, creative, and understandable by the audience.

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Beauty of moving air planes

Every design needs a main inspiration, it can’t be just random things like chairs, birds. It need something to be put in the middle then everything goes around need will be easier. After I have the idea the next thing I wanted to do is to find this key inspirations. I was a little bit distracted by lots and lots of nature pictures because they are so wonderful, but then this thought came to my mind: why dont I go find inspirations from the air plane itself?

Most of the air planes are designed likely to flying creatures, with the metal body and stiff look, it will be a good inspiration for garment that wanted to show protection and feminine look. It took a while to decide which way to go first. I choose these moving air planes with smokes to resembulance different kind of fabric. Like I said, this was only the beginning, so I’m just as confused as everybody, I didn’t know where this was going to be like in the end, but I just kept doing it.

These 4 pages are taken from my folio.  I was still exploring the beauty of moving air planes. The writting and doodling shows my initial ideas and what I’ve thought was amazing from the air plane itself. Of course massive planes pictures was found and printed out, I selected some of the good ones, pasted on my sketchbook and wrote explaination. This is a good way to record the path I’ve been through, maybe not long later, I will be able to use these information again !

(All the pictures that taken from the internet was noted researces)

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At the same time, I keep the research of travel with planes and kept the useful information with notes in my portfolio. Going through website is easy, everyone can do that, but how to record it? How to show that the information is or will be useful to my further design? You need to find your own way to achieve that.:)




Like most of the animal will do, human choose to protect themselves from danger via different things. The initial purpose of clothes, is to protect them from the cold, after million of years, clothes now more become a media to show personalities.
Here I am, choosing to go back to nature, use protection as one of my design purpose. I learn that when people go travel, they might be bothered by strangers, noise, or maybe filthy environment, how to change this by designing clothes? well, I think a best inspiration can be from pilot’s helmet.
As my design journal shows, these beautiful helmet not just provide the concept of protection, but present themselves as art craft that can inspire me from different ways.
文档 1_Page_1

In my portfolio, I explain more about my concept, how to execute it. Using more perfessional way as a “step 2” for illustrate my ideas to customers, provide them more information is why I’m putting them together.With further information from websites, books and journals, I think this will be a very complete investigation and design process.






Finally hand-in

These days I was so busy, slept 3 hours a day to finish my 3 big folio about researches and one designer sketchbook. There’s another new piece that I’m developing, called “side pockets dress”.

Last time, the final work has been criticized “not professional enough, the fabric was cheap ish, and the look is kind of basic”, so this time I decided to make it more fashionable. I first did a lot of researches, marks them, took a note, then a conclusion notes, then drew some basic sketches. Once I finished the preparation, I head to the fabric shop  called Trim-it in Blackpool immediately. WOW, there are so many high fashion fabric in that little shop, and they are all hiding in another room 😉 well, I spend more than 100 pound to get samples ( you have to buy half meter or up of any fabric) and some beautiful white sketchy fabric.

Although everything is already finished, but I really like to hold it for a while, and post step to step, how I did it, why I did this, what’s my design purpose, why my design is so unique… And I will post my sketchbook as well.

Here I’m going to introduce some pages of my initial researches and sketches, hope you will like it !

First 2 pages of my sketchbook, it’s always hard to start.

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Learning outcome folio 1

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