Mini exhibition

After finishing 2 final pieces, here’s a mini exhibition of the things that i’ve done so far, including 8000 words weekly working journal, 5000 words essay, portfolio and samples.
For the next stage, I will start to fill in the holes, make my portfolio better, with explainations and more investigation about the similar designs. Of course the making and designing steps needs to be refined, I will do more mind map, to remind myself how these ideas came from. At the same time, hoping to make more samples and finishing outfit.
Later I will post the portfolio details that I’ve designed.

The jacket is the multiple pockets product, the pockets are all hidden inside, it can carry most of the things that women needs to carry, and every pocket can divided into two or three smaller pockets. Also as I did the samples before, the device pocket can carry phones when you dining or reading on the plane, also after tested, even iphone can be used inside this pocket (iPhones’ screen is different made) before making this jacket, I’ve made more than 10 samples of sleeves, jackets parts and fasterners tests.Although the final outcome is not exact what I’ve expected, but I’m quite satisfied with the amount of work that I’ve done during these two months.

IMG_1796 IMG_1795 IMG_1797



Hi world, I’m Echo Huang, currently a fashion student in UCLAN.

I opened this blog to post my work, research links, design, painting ect, as recording the last few months in the MA courses.

I hope this will help me in reflection part, and also be a good reference for the following students thats going to study in the same area 🙂