Chinese painting & pattern design

Sorry for keep posting the old stuff that I’ve done years ago, its only because the deadline is coming and I really don’t have time to sit down and write a nice blog with a cup of coffee and chocolate (oh,that sounds so good).

First is a Chinese old fashion painting, the paints are totally different from the stuff that I usually use, so it take me quite a long time to practice and get used to it. It’s not only because the painting process hard, the paper is also a time killer. before starting we need to use some rice soup to wet it and dry it for three times, then it’s the outline of the painting which is a lotus here, then it’s every layer of the painting, different colour has to wait till the front one to get dried. After finishing the whole painting we also need to use special glue, get three layers of paper and newspaper, wet it and dry it for several times on a table, till it can be completely take off without hurting the paints. One step is wrong then the whole painting will be ruined.It’s quite a challenge to be honest 🙂

Then it’s the pattern design, I have to admit I’m not good at the delicate pattern cuz I don’t have enough patience to sit there and draw the same thing over and over again. Still drawing by hand is fun, and I always think human’s hands are better than cold computers (unless I can use PS and ArtRage like a real concept artist, ha)


DSC03019 DSC03026

DSC03031 DSC03032