Fabric colour exploration

For choosing a very complicated colour combinition, its hard to find fabric that really fit from the store, I was going to use digital print, but then for school facilities technicians are on holiday for most of the summer time, I though of doing everything by myself.
Of course I can’t afford to buy a digital printer nor embroidary machine, I experienced a lot of fabric dye and painting technique. This was a very interesting process, I did some funny test about different fabric, explored how to use batik and was dye, and these are basically all the results.
At the same time, fabric choosing was on the way as well. For limitations of using batik technique, I need to use 100% natural fabric for good. For making the garment can carry more weight, I did some experiments about fabric too. In the garment making, I actually sew 3 layers of fabric together and make it more comfortable and functional.

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Portfolio layout 2

This is for explaining all the sleeves experiments that I’ve made. The one that I actually used in my final jacket is the simple single pocket and divice pocket. Here’s the introduction in my essay:

2.3 Sleeves pockets
Continuing of the transformable pockets idea, to make sleeves also stuff containable became the next aim of the project. It sounds very unfamiliar and the truth is it’s rarely appeared in the market as well, not because nobody has thought about it, but for it’s controversial usages. It’s like the customers first use an iMac, the huge differences between IOS and Windows system is the convincible reason, and the situation with getting use to a pocket on sleeve might also take quite some times.

2.4 Sleeves devices pocket
Sleeves devices pockets, when people first hear this name they might be very confused – what’s the meaning of it? The inspiration from this topic is a personal ideal solution for how to “eat and watch cell phone during dinning on a plane”. Airplane is as well known as very limited space for customers to move around, unless it’s not economic seats. When the small table is putting down it’s nearly impossible to move arms freely, not to mention when the food’s coming, using cell phone when eating is only possible if someone has a third hand. Hence making a sleeve that contains a pocket for cell phone or other stuff seem like a dream project to achieve.
To really think deep about it, there’s a big problem of finding a visible fabric for the devices pockets, especially when it comes to iPhone, it has to get fingers contact for the electric touching screen to work. After finding this crucial problem, fabric development is definitely the affective motion of all times.

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Portfolio layout 1

This is the first 4 pages of my Portfolio, to make it look more perfessional and fit to the theme, I choose the main colour as the background and did a little design of it as well. The main idea is to show the project that I’be been doing for the last semester, and these 4 pages illustrated the project’s name, trend investigation, colour researches and inspiration brand.

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Poster for portfolio

Ive been working about the background poster for porfolio during the last few days, this is the hard bit for me when creating the portfolio because I’ve done all the writting and picture taking. Gladly it came out on time, of course the background colour is completely related to my project colour inspiration, I make three different combination to make it more interesting.

Portfolio poster Echo Huang 2 Portfolio poster Echo Huang poster 3