Proper Drawing practice I

The process of learning drawing can be very boring and hard, especially when there are so many references and good artists’ work standing there. I always get stuck by simple questions like : what am I going to draw? Which pen should I use?

The best way of solving these problems for me is to simply pick pictures that goES the same style, Like the super hero comic style, and the best ever – Disney sketches. for example the picture from Tango, she’s one of my fav character. It’s always good to start with drawing human than animals, the certain shape and form of a human body is one of the most important key for me to observe and learn. It needs a lot of practice too, so I just took a lot of screen shots from those films and try to draw, that’s all.

It doesn’t need to be exact the same as others existing work, I always put my imagination during drawing, that’s what creates fun. After a certain time of practice, I gain some confidence of drawing stuff directly in my mind (last pic), and post it here. (PS: the screaming man is a copy from Seegmiller)




Digital drawing practice

When I’m not doing anything realted to fashion design, I like to learn some drawing technique by myself, the best way to do this is to copy others work and learn from it. I believe day after day I will finally be able to draw my own paintings 🙂

Practice makes perfect

Here are some digital drawing practice that I did few weeks ago, I wasn’t that busy at the time, the purpose of doing this is to practice the digital drawing technique, getting used to those brushes and settings so that I can draw technical garment illustration smoothly. I’m pretty enjoy drawing based on others paintings, that helps me pay attention to all the details that I won’t noticed when I simply just looking at it. I’m not going to post the original paintings, but thanks to the reference researces : Seegmiller, Disney artist, and the movie “FLY”

PS: The little boy was a screen shot picture from fly, that’s the first one I drew from a picture 🙂