Chinese old fashion tie dyed fabric

The good thing about doing a degree is that you get the access to a lot of things that you don’t even acknowledged before. The Chinese old fashion tie dye is a good example, I surely seem them before, maybe at a shopping mall, maybe when I travel to some small villages in China, but I have never noticed the technique behind it. It surprisingly took a long time to do this. I still remember when we struggled to get those colour powder boiled, it’s always so confused for us of how to get the exact print that we wanted, the answer is impossible, because it needs years and years practice and experiments. 😉

Since there’s no way for us to really get the print that we designed, I just started “freestyled”. There are a lots print that I’ve dyed but I can only managed to find 4 of them (Those blur pictures were taken when I was doing it, the other ones were taken few years later)